Bambú Rebo

Valenciana de Molduras Alto Turia S.L. We are the exclusive distributors in the country of REBO’s Bamboo deck.
A resistant, durable and sustainable decking for the exterior, coming from a material such as Bamboo, recognized as an inexhaustible raw material.
With a pure physical treatment of high temperature carbonization and which has a heat-treated and oiled finish, it has optimal characteristics for outdoor use.
All this together with a high durability (Class 1 – EN350) and prepared for transit (Class 4-EN335) together with its great resistance to sliding (R10) and fire (Bfl-s1) makes it an ideal product for both residential as for public places and the hotel sector.
The fixed length slats have an unbeatable appearance, made from a highly renewable, sustainable and ecological material.

What will we enjoy if we decide on the REBO Bamboo Deck?

  • We will have a natural color and shine.
  • An elegant texture.
  • Wide range of uses.
  • Strong elasticity and hardness.
  • Outdoor resistance.
  • Natural feeling.
  • Respect for the enviroment

You can download our catalog HERE