V. Molduras Alto Turia, upward trajectory

The origins of our company date back to 2000 when a group of people dedicated to woodworking industry decided to set up a specialized in the manufacture of door accessories company. At that time we started our journey in a difficult market and full incertidmbre, who would believe that this limited production factory, after years, would be rubbing shoulders with the strongest companies in the sector at national level?

So it has been, with effort and staying power, year after year and gradually, with strength, with successes and failures, joys and disappointments … but what is there: a company able to offer the best of itself, being marked as main objective the satisfaction of our customers. Try to reach everyone, like everyone and win the respect of everyone, but that is only achieved fulfilling all expectations and goals trazándonos ever higher, to continue growing and improving.

They have been years of dedication, invested much time, total involvement for work well done. We have demanded a lot and so we got the best of us, putting often work well finished to economic performance.

From these pages take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers, employees and anyone who has had any relationship with the company who have been there, because thanks to them, we continue to grow and progress as a company.


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